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A Collection of Very Rare Antique Whistles Treasure.

It is the second time I had the privilege of visiting a great whistle collector, Allan Kipping, Many of the whistles in his Collection were photographed for Gillchrist's famous books about whistles.
Allan is a collector since the 1970's and had the privilege of having a whistle shop in this era, one of the pioneers of serious whistle collectting in our age.
Certainly one who would go into collectors hall f fame, if there was one .  
He is also responsible for many antique fairs, The Sandown Antique fair.
This time I could take better pictures and I chose to bring some, with fewer words , since I have less time to bring original research material.

While being busy with a new double Blues "Blues Haor Haganuz" avilable now
( 25 USD) and to be officially released on  June 11th ( Martin Buber, 49th year to his death ) , You may Listen to some on Kanssas City On Line Radio Station, Blues this coming saturday. ( Great Blues Station ) .

I will bring some of the great whistles from Allan's collection, I chose few that are not the more common 'professional' type whistles.

Two art Ivory whistles France 18th - 19th Century,
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Dog Whistle, Dog Head Whistle, Figural Theme.

 Antique Victorian Dog whistle, Dog head whistle, c. mid 19th Cent. made of  horn.  Victorian Hunting whistle.
A closer look.
I had discussed these in
previous posts with many variations,
See more, Dog Head shaped whistle, Dog whistles

             L: 60 mm Height 15.5mm Width: 16 mm
It striked me as a very fine example of a Horn made one with great patina and color changes dew to age.
I bring 4 photos
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Acme Whistles Ltd. The Making of a Boatswain Call, Bosun Pipe, Bosun's Whistle, and More .

The next are some photos and impressions from a visit with two friends who had contributed a lot to the whistle world, at the Acme Whistles Ltd. last Febuary.
Our Host Mr. Simon Topman The current CEO of Acme Whistles Ltd. 
Simon Topman had been the CEO since 1982 and the company continues to prosper. He shares the same passion for design, manufacture and design and is one of the world's leading expert on whistles .
Among his many other rolls he is currently the chairman of the
Milleniom Point Trust 
He is the Co. writer of the main book about collecting whistles,
while visiting he contributed many fascinating stories about old time whistle, whistory, History, whistles, and whistle manufacturers. 
No wonder he is considered one of the top lecturers in many events.  
Upon my special request he played the Shepeherd's whistle and proved to be very musical and  a great player of this. ( I recieved one and I should certainly practice a lot to achieve his level )) .
He showed us around, we had a great time and were all much obliged.
The factory it self still makes a wide variety of fantastic whistlesin the old tradition with the aid of 40 workers and many up today technical possibilities and  improvements.

Acme whistles Ltd.<< MORE >>

Double Pipe, Multi tube, Whistles, Heavy Victorian Type And Some More. A.Strauss (20 Photos)

I file multi pipe double pipe  whistles under few sub categories , Here I bring  mainely Heavy victorian type whistles, these are ones with cast mouthpiece
and some with heavy construction Bubble top and
pressed mouth piece and lite - Lighter mouth piece

As far as we know the first type was all made in the 1860's to 1900's
I bring few photos and will take pictures of more,
They are difficult to identify with a specific maker but there are many small details in which they all vary and I am still looking into it.

The top the Body and windows and the mouth piece are the 3 main things to be carefully inspected.

The famous scholar Martin Gilchrist mentions  few in his book More Whistles.
DeCourcy, Hudson, Ward, and one possibly by Barrall
As early as 1895 lighter versions with pressed none cast mouth piece appear in the U.S.A. all NONE BUBBLE TOP ( Heavy spherical knop) many variations ; Overmann wheel co. Banks Bros and others, and following these in England by J Hudson,
the earliest dated ones we know are Thomas Yates.
I had few posts about these in the past
1) A rare one known
2) Victorian Double Pipe Whistles with Bubble Top

but upon a friend asking to identify I revisited these.
I have few stashed away in a box and I will update .
Here are a few

T.Yates Birmingham whistle maker Model 8439, nickel silver . 66 mm Body D: 11.5 mm
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J.Hudson & Co. Acme Whistles Ltd. Whistle Stamps 'Holy Book'. A.Strauss

This is going to be a VERY LONG post, I will try and update it from time to time.

Hudson's , Acme, 'Holy Book of whistle stamps'

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American Duck Calls, Goose Calls, Game Calls And Simmilar Types Game Calls, Timeline and Short History. A. Strauss

Under Construction
Appleton Manufacturing Co., St. Anthony Park, Minn. Trade Card c 1880s 90s.

For me as I once Said ; "Anything that air goes in one side and sound come out of the other end is a whistle " so I treat these as traditional whistles, and file all under Bird Calls in whistles, these are all U.S.A made ones.

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19th Century Dublin Police Whistles & More.

Dublin Police  (see history )
The Dublin Metropolitan Police (DMP) was the police force of Dublin, Ireland, from 1836 to 1925, when it amalgamated into the new Garda SíochánaThis brings me into a particular niche of collecting and this is BUBBLE TOP cylindrical whistles single note and two notes
In the next article.

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Whistles What Else ? Sharing Thoughts, Collecting and App. Tips and Stories )

Well, this is not one of my regular posts, Just a variety of associations,
                              Sound Meter by Smart Tools
 TIPS about collecting in the 21rst Century, eBay, android mobile Duck Calls, Game Calls, Bird Calls and Clay Whistles , Two stories and more...
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Railway Whistles, British Railway lines Whistles, 5 Types, Companies Stamps on Whistles & More (over 40 photos). A.Strauss

A. Strauss
A work in progress and under construction

A cabinet of railway whistles from a British collection of J. Dunk railway whistles.
I wish to acknowledge my special thanks to to Joan & Peter Dunk very dear people who collected many of the whistles photographed here in many years.
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Samuel Auld 1893 Patent For Double Escargot Whistle, Lanarkshire Constabulary No. 295 And Glasgow Whistles. A.Strauss

I wrote about the History of Samuel Auld the Glasgow whistle maker 
here in the past . I should update the article sometimes soon. 
Here is a chance to take a good look at one of his outstanding whistles. 

This is the side of a double Escargot type whistle, Registered Design or Patent of 1893 
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One Of A Kind Whistle Design Antique Bone Whistle. A.Strauss

The next whistle has a folk art look to it by the engraved pattern and because of the bone material, but as I blew it I was fascinated with its sound and inspecting it closely to note it is a really clever unique design of an experienced maker.
It is so simple that it must be the work of a Genius :-)

I assumed it is British but there is no evidence as to where is was made it may be from India or anywhere else.

Now lets look at the whistle carefully ;
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Flat Whistle Types, Rectangular Whistle Types, Variations & History. A.Strauss (29 Photos)

A German whistle exported to England Pre WWI

This old whistle grabbed my attention to review the subject, it is always nice to find a similar one mentioned in a book, article or catalog.

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William Dowler & Sons Crested Button Beaufort Whistle 'Hiat' Constabulary Whistle, Registered Design 225730 Since 1894 (9 photos)

These whistles certainly fall into the group of the rarest, I can recall very few and each was different except the Devon ( 3 different examples with variations showed ) ,

These whistles are a MASTERPIECE and a beautiful combination that
was one of the most expensive to make and used as presentation whistles  and some were used daily as service whistle.
In the photo Kent Constabulary Whistle made by Dowler & Sons1884
German Silver and has the Hiat stamp on the sound chamber, Barrel's body.

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American Bosun Pipes, Bosun Whistles, and More. A.Strauss

American Gold Bosun Whistle1853 Gold Dollars sides128mm 29gr,
Cylindrical sound chamber, Spiral wire at Keel end, 2 Filigree bands and mouthpiece, serpentine gun.

A drawer with  various Buson whistles
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Boatswain's call History, Timeline, Examples and More.

Buson whistle, Buson Pipe, England, Time line, Makers, Construction and How To Play, Mp3. (30 Photos)  A. Strauss   under construction (article was erased by mistake and I am currently trying to reconstruct )   

 Ancient Latin American Clay whistle whick clearly resembles the early buson whistles.

* Late Medievel and Post Medievel examples. 14th to 18th cent.
* General history and Myth

* Parts and Construction
* How To Blow the Buson whistle command calls, its Musical use,
   and Mp3 examples.
* 19th Century Examples by Decades 1870 to 1910's and Makers.
* 20th Century- Professional Makers, Souvenier types and ones used in actuall
   service and as presentation whistles.         

* Reference to previous articles here

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Bosun Whistle Corner, Making Music, Whistling. ( Part 7 , and 7 samples.)

Bosun Whistles Used By Sailors

The whistle museum had to upgrade its band width dew to a large ammount of traffic, we would be greatfull for your support

Also known as Boatswain's whistles or boatswain's pipe, used for commands by using various specific signal codes for various commands at sea vessels ,  this whistles can be used to play any tune within one octave range,
using the right hand fingers to control the pitch, this method is passed on and used by old time sailors
I should propably make a video to explain the method of how it is done and practiced by old time sailors.
In general you hold the right hand around the ball with thumb held under ball and fingers above,
making a fist , and open by raising one finger at a time to produce each pitch, one may start by practicing
part of a simple major or Minor scale. (C D E F G or C D Eb F G ).
The sound that is produced is reminiscent of flute or more of actual lip whistling sound but can be much louder.
Bosun whistles made of silver usually have a superior sound quality ,
since many were made for tourists as Marine Memorabila and are still made, one should be aware that many have a very poor sound quality .

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Antique Bosun Whistles, More Designs,16th Century and More, Types of Bouy . A.Strauss

My Last article here about Boatswain's calls and time line seems to be drawing attention and as I was about to post this one I just noticed it was the popular one this week . see 
This article is an addition and should probably be merged, after I finish this one. 

A large Silver Bosun whistle from India found recently with a different design turned my attention to other designs see more about it after the next 15th 16th century. 
 Detail from a c 1530 painting that is possibly Frederik who made a 10 year journey to the Holy land and at sea. 

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Antique American Bird Call. Owl Call, Owl Hooter, Whistle, Bird Call, Folk Art.

I had discussed few bird calls, owl hooters here before,
Some of these are touching two favorite subjects, Owl Hooters and Folk Art
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International Whistle Day, Whistle Week and Some Rare and Very Rare Antique Whistles

The Sandown Park International whistle day is a great occasion to meet some great whistle collectors which are a small community,
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Nose Flutes Nose Whistles, Some Discoveries.

After writing a short post here about Nose whistles -Nose Flutes - Bocarina
Here september 2011
which I planned to work on and and bring many more I just learned to my delight that there is a GREAT website - Blog  :
"This blog is dedicated to the sublime instruments called Expired nose flutes and All which Produce The Most divine sound ever. We Have Chosen to discard all the native models from S. Pacific and Asia, for They need fingering to be played. We'll concentrate on "buccal cavity driven" nose flutes: the well patented and trademarked metal or plastic ones, plus, by a condemnable indulgence, Some wooden craft or home-made productions. "

Founded in 2012 by a French man that takes the theme MUCH further,
a relatively small subject in whistles shows one how diverse the subject of whistles is ,There is such a vast information when you specialize in one of MANY HUNDREDS of whistle topics and themes.

SO take a GOOD LOOK at that website.
on the right hand side at the website of the noseflute.org you may see LABELS
and hunderds of posts about various angles of the subject along with great SOUND SAMPLES and videos. WHAT A DELIGHT.
endless information and a Superb work of finding and researching material about
the Nose Flutes or Nose Whistles.

8 Best Nose Flute Vidieos

My attention was turned to the theme again after finding a nice Brass
Homemade Nose whistle - Nose Flute, Home made and used by a shepherd in the England Late 1930s or early1940's.
The inside of the whistle and the 'outside'

This is a photo from a 1910 Postcard showing Sakay people from Singapore
Playing the Nose flute which led me to think there should be a distinction between NOSE FLUTES and nose whistles. Disambiguation.
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Whistles on eBay Rare One known Whistle and 9 Others

Whistles on eBay Rare One known Whistle and 9 Others

-->I wish my readers a Happy New Year

Early Victorian, 1846 Silver Round Whistle with Stag's Head.


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American Multipipe Whistles and More A.Strauss

Under construction A Long Article
Two whistles which I had never seen before popped up and made me review this theme again. I will add photos and observations.
 It is nice that one can start an article and then rewrite or add. or correct.
 so I use that opportunity. Baring in mind that high quality , proffesional metal whistles were made mostly in 4 countries, Prior to world war II and in the 19th century;  England, U.S. , France and Germany. while multipipe whistles made in England were thoroughly
researched, Prior to 1910 there were very few companies making these and after 1910 made mostly by J Hudson & Co and some few models by DeCourcy, so there is little news and findings that can be axpected, but research in the other countries and the U.S.A can be fruitful since there are still new makers and whistles to be found. 
Here are the two whistles : 


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German Toy Whistles, Tin Lito Whistles .

( underconstruction ) A.Strauss
Collecting tin litho whistles is a field by itself when regarding whistle collecting,
This field falls under the category of Toy Whistles, and is of interest to few collectors, and part of collecting Tin Toys. 
Photo A ; A German made tin Fite truck c. 1910's , 20's.
( very rare, one known) "Flat Type"
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British Tin Toys, W.C.S. Manufacturer, Space Patrol & England Tin Litho Whistles Whistles.

                   Tin Lithograph whistles 
were made in many countries we mostly meet Japanese tin whistles, American Tin Adv. , and lass often German ones. 
British made in England ones are certainly the hardest ones to come by. 
Here is a nice classic one the Space Patrol on card ( Card 6 X 3 Inches)

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Walter Thornhill & Co. Whistles History, 1878 Antique Silver Whistle and More.

Walter Thornhill Silversmith London 

Firm established 1734 listed from 1838 as cutlers to the Queen. John James Thornhill, Walter's father gained reputation for his high quality of work andduring the second half of the 19th Century and since the 1851 Great Exhibition they won many prices. In 1895 when the firm became a limited liability company it was described as 'cutlers, gold and silversmiths, jewelers and manufacturers and dealers in dressing cases, traveling bags etc.'.

 134 Bond St. London 
1810 - 144 New Bond St.
1859 - Trading from 44 Cornhill St. as well 

== Time table ==

1734 - Firm established by Joseph Gibbs (A Cutler)
1805 - Morley & Thornhill  (John James Thornhill)
1823 - Thornhill Co. 
1848 - John James Thornhill dies, His son Walter takes over business
1850  - Walter Thornhill 1850
1875 - Walter Thornhill & Co. 
1895 - Ltd. added
1905 - Walter Thornhill & Co.  the company stops manufacturing
1912 - The company closed and stopped trading. 
Thornhill and co. No 338 made by Walter. London 1878.
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Collecting Whistles, Cabinet No. 36 , A.Strauss

 Thinking about rare whistles and upon filling a request of a German magazine to write about whistles,
few things came to my mind,

Post Undrconstruction

Antique Silver Teethers Rattlers Whistle Combinations and Design. By A.Strauss.aspx

This can be a VERY long article with MANY photos, so I would start with few photos and later add more. UNDERCONSTRUCTION 
British Silversmith, Rattle, teether coral teether and whistle. silver Sterling C.1700.
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Extra Rare German Slide Whistle and Catalog Exerpt.

The combination of Escargot type whistle and a Slide whistle
is extreemly rare, and unique in design,  it was developed by the Deutches Signal Instrumenten Fabrique in Markneukirchen in the early 20th Century.
(the company became later known as Martin's Signal Co. ) 
It is much louder than other slide whistles, so it combines the power of a referee whistle's whistle and the musical effect of a slide instrument.
Here is a sample of the actual whistle and parts, and an exerpt from their catalog showing two models of this combination whistle and an extra one.

Model 1087  Nickel plated brass, Lentgh 13 cm.
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French Art, Sifflet Ancien, Special Whistle. C.1750

    A round whistle made of gold with detailed brass sculpture mounted
on top showing the figure of a man carrying another man, woman ?, both having their pants down. Prob. c.1780's 90's , France.
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Antique Fireman Presentation Whistle, Help Identify Logo Needed.

I did  discuss some fireman's whistles in previous posts.
See links at buttom.
Antique Fireman's Presentation Whistle.

An Exra Large heavy solid brass whistle weight<< MORE >>

Antique Prison Whistles. A. Strauss

Prison wardens, Jailers, officers, allways used whistles, Prison Service whistles, and Service Department Whistles, but few were ordered with a Prison name stamp.
General Service Whistles include very few known Prison stamps,
So we can conclude that Prison stamped whistles are all very rare.

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Some More Unique RARE Round Pignose Whistles.

After 500 posts &  articlers here and few  that were taken off for various reasons, I revisited some special Round Pea Whistles with a Pignose Mouthpiece* (see foot note ), this are all extra large ones (Except for 3rd photo).

Notes to be added.

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Horn, Horn Made Whistles. American Horn Whistles And Chinese, French,German and British Horn Whistles.. By A. Strauss


Horn Made Whistles, England, U.S.A., France Germany & China

  This is going to be a very LONG post UNDERCONSTRUCTION 
HORN MADE WHISTLES and many photos more to come.
 Intro: I will write and add photos, catalog pictures and a lot more as time permits.
Mean while mostly some photos
Catgorizing whistles is a vast subject while there are HORN SHAPED whistles under the category of shapes there are Horn Made whistles under the category of Materials.
I made this catgories trying to classiy over 50,000 whistles I kept photos of and many I collecteted and used over 600 folders so I can make heads and tails of all whistles.
I also try to tag and use other subdivisions
as by countries and more.
Thoughthearticlehere may be the firsttodeal withthesubject and a long one,as long as it will be it
will just scratch the surface of thisVAST SUBJECT, so I make an humble affort.

                     Great Britain -England

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Tire Pressure Gauge and Whistle Combinations

Among the many dozens of whistle combination types, Tire Pressure Gauge Whistle Combination is one of the rarer ones and a fascinating one being connectet to many other subjects.
 I will try to add Patents listings and more info. later.
Hill Pump Valve Company of Chicago was registerered or apl'dor in 1917
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The First Photograph On A Cardboard Adv.Whistle

Post under construction
Side B of the Wm Walton Nephews Cardboard whistle. 1910's
The kid is photogrphed blowing a Cardboard whistle and the tittle a is the
most common one on adv. whistles : "I am Blowing for.....
This tittle was common on paper wrapped wood adv whistles since the 1890's .
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Snuff Mull Box and Whistle Combination.

Antique Scottish Snuff Mull Box and Whistle Combination.

Length: 3.75 Inch
Material: Ram Horn, Silver, Leather
Date Prob. 18th 19th Cent Before 1850.
The whistle has a large deep sound. 

Horn whistles are over looked by most collectors and are cheap to collect I imagine the snuff boxes or Tobacco items collectors, make these whistle combination and exception or so does the Silver since I had seen just Two and both were well over 300 GBP.
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The Famous Spanish Gold Dragon Whistle, 1715.

Cast gold replica of the famous "dragon whistle"

  Weight : 23.2 grams solid gold . Length:  Approx 38mm
You may see another famous seaman whistle from 1622 , another Multitool gold whistle here http://whistlemuseum.com/2009/04/04/the-atocha-shipwreck-of-1622-a-rare-spanish-colonial-gold-captains-whistle-circa-1620.aspx

In 1962 Rex Stocker and Kip Wagner  found a gold whistle  on the beach opposite the "Cabin wreck" site just south of Sebastian, It turned out to be Fleet Captain General Don Juan Ubilla badge of office, Recovered from: Spanish 1715 Fleet, east coast of Florida,  A Spanish treasure fleet of 10 ships under General Don Juan Ubilla leaves Havana, Cuba for Spain. Seven days later, nine of them sink in a storm off the coast of Florida in July 24 – 1715 . A mooltitool with whistle, toothpick and earspoon all in one.It sold at auction in 1967 (lot 21 of the "Treasure of the Spanish Main" auction of February 4, 1967, by Parke-Bernet in New York City, for $50,000.
The whistle was offered again in 1993 in auction by Sotheby's New York and recently sold in a private transaction for six figures.
Over the years we have seen a few cast replicas of the whistle, like this one, a perfect reproduction in solid gold, The one pictured here is a replica distinguishable from the original by the fact that it is not hollow so not functional as a whistle.
The 1622 Atocha whistle . The replica was sold in an auction for 1500 USD.

Les Sifflets, Whistles of France Article about Whistles and Notes by A.Strauss

A general note to our readers , Regarding readers quaestions, Yes it is a none commercial website, but  we gladly do accept adveritsments and donations which will serve publishing a book about whistles running the website . For inquiries or sending questions you may contact me thru Email info@avnerstrauss.com Thanks for supporting by reading sharing commenting and contributing by sending photos or otherwise.

Sifflet is the French word for whistle and Appeau is the word for Bird call
I bring here a long article from the french magazine 'collection'
Le Menuel de Toutes Les Collections Issue No. 29 published May 2006 .
with few added notes and remarks.
I you do read French you may press Ctrl Button on left and + on right to enlarge . 
France has a VERY rich history of whistle and Bird Calls making that has not yet been covered, It may well be the largest oldest whistle manufacturer of Artistic whistles  and has a vast variety which whistle collectors and enthusiasts in the English speaking countries were never exposed to.
The connection << MORE >>

Bread, Butter and Flour On Cardboard Whistles Advertisments

Large Cardboard whistle for Dried Buttermik  by Colllis Products Clinton Iowa U.S.A
Loud add Patent.  C 1910's          H:115 mm<< MORE >>

H.W.Short London Whistle Maker History and Whistles

  Whistles by  Henry W. Short Police Type Whistles UNDERCONSTRUCTION

H.W.Short was a British scientific instrument maker in the early 20th Century.
Address  Seven Sisters Rd. London
Short came up with a patent for a Two Piece Whistle,
he made some stamped "Short's Two Piece" and on the other side "Patent Appd,. For " prior to the Patent No. Grunted.
Here is an exerpt from the patent No. 25,322 1908, Class 13.

<< MORE >>

Music Sounds and more, Avner Strauss

Dew to myself  being busy with music and more music I had taken some time off from publishing new posts- articles here. 
The past year was the most prolific year for me being busy with many recordings and musical projects beside completing a double acoustic instrumental album I had recorded many new songs and Blues
Here is a Blues for you from some live Jam sessions in the studio..<< MORE >>

Rare Antique Whistles,Two Chamber Escargot Whistles, Double chamber and two windows.

A personal note : dew to working on various musical albumsI was away, dear readers and visitors.  A new double guitar album "Equator" was published today  3/ 13/ 2013  and is available now ( 31 Guitar pieces )
one may listen to a single "Memories" that was released for radio broadcast. (Press arrow on right for listening)  the piece has some twists in the plot
http://patiphon.co.il/music/mho6609IHQ may share my joy it includes 31 one pieces recorded in live concerts and studious recorded over the last 30 years.
In few days all 31 pieces will be available at 
( for listening and purchaing seperate tracks)  
and back to whistles :-)
Sharing on face book is always welcome I noted now that 420 peaple and friend shared today may there be more , thanks !!! 

Examining Two Cahmber escargot style whistles , I use the term Escargot - referee whistle because I have no better one in mind .  

2 1/4" along the bottom, including mouthpiece. Stands 1 3/4" tall and is 11/16" wide.
A Masterpiece of design and craftmanship This whistle has many unique features,
Measures : 2 1/4" along the bottom, including mouthpiece. Stands 1 3/4" tall and is 11/16" wide.

<< MORE >>

Very Rare Bicycle Whistle by F. L. Johnson Pat'd Sept 22 ,1885

Double Pipe, Two Chamber bicycle Whistle 1885
The whistle is very rare probably as rare as the tank whistle, as I had seen more of the Acme Tank whistles then I had seen these.
It is one which nothing has been written about before.
<< MORE >>

Whistle lovers, Collectors and Reaserch of Whistles. 3 Links.

The subject of researching whistles has many news, many of these appear on various websites, really too many news to follow all, I would like to turn attention to three different subjects.
All these are subjects I mentioned before and wish I had more time to research
and write about many of the subjects that arise from these links....enjoy.

1 South American Clay Whistles
2 The Metropolitan Museum Whistle Collection
3 The Pico Pipe, and a previously unkown (To me) British maker, on eBay now.
Rare Sardinian Shepherd's Picco. Tabor Pipe, 3 hole flute whistle, c1850.

<< MORE >>

Whistle Notes Quarterly, (Part 1) 1997 Published By James Fitch . Additional Notes By A.Strauss

 Whistle Notes Quarterly, (Part 1)  and some of James Fitch collection. Under Construction
I wrote a long assay and it went wild with the wind, So  I will rewrite and mean while here is the begining (Article Underconstruction)
Thge first whistle quartely that came out in 1995 had 4 issues which I will discuss and bring in few articles.
I shall start with some photos from the collection of the man who intiated this magazine and bring notes and share pages from the magazines which I planned to bring years ago but had these in PDF files and did not have the technical skills to bring here. I would also like to thank the German collector who sent these files and helped me when I started collecting.
so enjoy and keep an eye for more to come,
Thanks to Mr, James Fitch from the U.S.A a long time collector for photos from his personal collection and for the permission to bring the magazine. The Magazine was put out by
'The Call & Whistle Collector's Association' Here is the Cover of the 1rst issue.
I must add that I have the utmost respect to the old times collectors, Pre eBay times collectors who were part of this magazine which dealt with many American whistles as well .
The 1rst issue dealt with Bobby whistls, Caracker Jack whistles, Bosun Pipes, Weather Bird Shoe Whistles
Hezzie Junior Slide Whistle and more.
I shall add photos that are available now and notes.
American Bird Calls, there are notes to be added on few, the second from left with wood loop desrves an article
<< MORE >>

Plural Whistle Design & Alexander P. Hatch Whistle Patents

The Plural Whistle Design & Alexander P. Hatch

Additional variations of the Plural whistle.

<< MORE >>

Fire Brigade Whistle, Harborne Fire Brigade. 84 Buck. St.

I would like to send my best wishes to my visitors, especially to my subscribers and to those who sent photos of rare whistles , as the McDonald by Burley and as this one and many more.
Happy New 2013 and may we find more stories and new whistles.
 Bless you all and with this personal note,  I may share with you some of my music,  A Blues I sang few weeks ago and a new up coming double guitar album Equator.  
Yours Sincerly
Avner Strauss

The King's Own Beaufort whistle by J, Hudson & Co. was one of their top models here is another rare whistle, one known to the author, a numbered Fire Brigade whistle:
I shall bring much better photos in the next few days,
I thought this model was made since 1888 as far as I knew, but now I know better,
since this one has the 84 Buckingham St Stamp . so it was made 1882 to 1884.
I will bring new better photos .
sent to us few years back by one of are readers who is actually a Fire Man


L: 10,3 mm
<< MORE >>

A Nice Rare Antique Whistle, B. Lily & Sons.

I would like to send my best wishes to my visitors, especially to my subscribers and to those who sent photos of rare whistles , as the McDonald by Burley and as this one and many more.
Happy New 2013 and may we find more stories and new whistles.
Bless you all and with this personal note, I may share with you some of my music, A Blues I sang few weeks ago and a new up coming double guitar album Equator.
Yours Sincerly
Avner Strauss

B. Lily & Sons

Founded 1861 by Benjamin Lilly. Brass founders and whistle manufacturers,
Were makers of whistles with a different touch and design
they kept making whistles in the shade of large companies and made small quantities.
Unknown  whistles by this maker are still found , 
I did put some of my research of their history and other models by this maker in a previous article
Here is another model made Stamped OFFICER, again a unique and different design with an oval window.
I tend to think the company made whistles up to the mid 1920's, this one was made circa early 1900's . A round whistle with conical shape or a short beaufort .      

Length ; 59 mm.

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