A Military Round Pea Whistle 18th to Early 19th Century Design Masterpiece. A. Strauss

A  Round Pea Whistle, dating c. 18th century to early 19th century,
An outstanding example of a design using various geometrical elements
forming a uniquely sculpted design.
From the country were Stradivarius made his violins in the 17th & 18th Cent.

Materials: Gun Metal (a type of bronze – an alloy of copper, tin, and zinc )
& painted extra hard wood.
L: 69 mm 

The engraving reads Ajroldi and was probably ordered for noble man of the
 Ajroldi di Robbiate see wikipedia 

A Detail of top, old pre-hole in the bubble which I had discussed here many years ago observing early 19th century characteristic designs.

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