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Georgian Period Whistles, British made whistles in the Pre Victorian times were a theme I was interested in for over a decade, New antique whistles surface here and there and throw light on the development of ‘Professional’ Round whistles, time line and makers, of which little is known about. *
But these certainly give a new perspective to the term IRONMONGERS in the 17th 18th 19th century who were making whistles, and which later became more Brass Founders I believe.
Before I put many of the thoughts, comments & observations on these,
I share some of mine and others, Needless to say all very rare.
Starting with a Trio of Military whistles from my own collection,
most possibly by J. Dixon of Sheffield very early 1800, These include few amazing features for the whistle student and scholars who have a keen eye.
The sound  is of each one is outstanding, (I am tempted to say the best I heard ) Interestingly the trio forms the sound of a triad chord,
I will edit and add comments  later.(There is a LOT to be said and learn)







Back view of three cast Iron Whistles Strauss Collection,

Next are two whistles with what I call Mushroom Top with no loop hole,
The one on left is a cast Iron one which was on eBay, It is in the collection of Joseph Grainger, an American collector. On the Right side one made of base metal (Not Georgian period & not Iron  but interesting & has a similar top)
which showed on eBay lately, Not a cast one Piece & Fipple, This is an early original design, not met with in metal before, it has two windows and the shape combines a Conical Bulbous body round whistle with a Compound Round Mouthpiece. Some of these features can be met with mostly in wood & horn round whistles that were made in France & Germany, up to the 1860’s & 70’s.

6 Views of a cast metal round conical two windows whistle.
(More notes to follow )

Other early cast Iron shapes are Double end whistles, SNCW (Single note conical whistles – at times called Beaufort in luck of a better term)
Here is an a example of an early figural whistle jewel, made of Iron & Gold.

To Be Continued

* (See my articles about Dixon & Stevens here, posted in recent years  and one posted many years ago about Round Pea Whistles)  I know not of any serious research done, about these Pre 1850’s whistles,  In the past I wrote some on these and will add an in depth text & thoughts.

If you do have similar ones I urge you to send me a photo :

Needless to say I am always glad when people share
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