Early British English Bronze Round Pea whistle.

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Metal Detecting bronze whistle found in a field in the vicinity of a village called Chisworth on the Derbyshire Cheshire border. Found in the same field are other finds;
two musket balls, (Larger one is metal smaller seems to be made of stone),
a very old possibly mediaeval lead plumb Bob, the small circular item is an old pocket fob watch winder, a .303 bullet tip, and two King George V half pennies

Important English metal detecting whistle find 2022.

The whistle is made of two parts, Body and Fipple, the fipple is cast metal made with amazing prescision and inserted into body, The body was turned on a lathe, 3 ornamental rings on body (later known as crimp rings used on cartriges probabably 1850s 1860s onward)
The whistle has a SEED PEA, Hollow seed which lost a small part.
The whistle is extreemly loud ear piercing sound level of about 120 Db.
It is not a Hawking whistle.
Date is estimated to be late 18th century to early 1800s.
The small depression, (nook, cranny, niche,socket) in the top shows was it was held by a pin to the lathe ,

Side View shows early Sheffield fipple.

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