Le Sifflets (The Whistle)Book by Jacques Bokobsa, Hisory of a Whistle Collection

Le Sifflet, Jacques Bokobsa 2021

The most fascinating and outstanding book about whistles to have come in decades,
I will write more and more, edit this and bring more photos as well as edit the post, a jaw dropping large heavy book with over 300 pages in a generous format of
app. 20 + by 30 cm. A must for any whistle enthusiast. researcher, Collector and scholar.
Le sifflet (The WHistle) History of a Collection by Jacques M. Bokobsa,
a world class legendary collector.
Preface by Pierre Catanes a leading scholar, and outstanding photos by
Gilbert Nencioli. Appolgies for Photos that do injustise with the fantastic book & photos, I had to share my excitement, this book will take weeks to look thru enjoy admire and learn.
To be continued… ( A. Strauss )


Bird Call In France Apeau & Apeaux Pedal Shape Bellow Whistles for Black Bird, Merle. A. Strauss

Whistles used as Bird Calls are a huge category,
Many of the hand operated type whistles vs. Mouth whistles use a Bellow,
There are few types of Bellows. This time I will review few pedal shape bellows
made of wood & leather. The operation is by hand & the term is used because of the shape albeit I think these could be played by the foot as well.
Here are few examples of Antique Bird Calls – Whistles, 19th century to early 1900,  certainly a seldom met with type.
The French and European Continent Bird Calls & are very different than the American ones, and of the far east ones.
These I  believed to be folk art work of rural hunters; Tin whistle combining a  mechanical element, a Bellow – Pedal shaped Bellow & Whistle, but found out some stamped bellows.

I had looked through many catalogs of bird calls – whistle manufacturers from mid 19th Century onward and had never seen one in a catalogue.
There are four different calls here all from France & Neighbouring countries (Belgium) , I would be glad to see more if the reader happens to have.

Next is one taken apart, the Tin whistle incorporating a button type whistle can be used inhaling or exhaling it seems that when attached to the Bellow it works by pressing the bellow and it omits a sound when released, but short lite press and release movements produce both sounds.

The calls are made of various materials including a Tin Whistle , Leather, wood, steel spring & iron nails.

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