The “Uneedit” Multitool whistle, Round pea Whistle , Extractor . corkscrew & cigar cutter , Victorian, England.

uedeet poses for cam whistle museumThe “Uneedit” Multitool , advertised in the Victorian catalogue,
Spratt’s Gamekeepper’s Sundries as :
“A neat, compact and useful combination tool, comprising corkscrew, cigar-cutter, dog whistle, turnscrew (capped) and cartridge extractor for both 12 and 16 bore. Nickel-silvered”. It is made of Brass plated with Nickel Silver with a steel corkscrew . Unedit Small 98mm and It's large Tween whistle museum, strauss collection
The picture above is of the smaller one ; L; 98mm ,  seen side by
side with it’s bigger brother. (shows how proportions are impossible to judge without a reference object.)
Whistle combined with “12” & “16 ” Gauge Extractor, corkscrew , cigar cutter & screw driver for extracting shells. Multitool, and a  gentelman’s must …
probably 1880s.
Both whistles have  a cast round pea whistle with an exceptional Sound quality .
It reminds a very old 1830’s 40’s cast steel whistle that was made combined with carriage key with folding “arms” handles (See next pic. ) , and cast whistles made on swords , made of one piece as well .
Both versions are very rare the larger one extra rarer, in fact it is the only one I’ve seen.
The Maker of this Great superbly made 19th Century “Unedeet ” tool remains   A RIDDLE to be solved but the whistle style may be a clue…

Carriage key and whistle combination,stage coach whistle museum

98 mm unedeet whistle muse archive ,The one above was advertised by one of the great corkscrew collectors
Mr. Don Bull who also runs the weekly screw website , and a great authority on the subject.
It is one of the more expensive whistle  sought after by corkscrew and by cartridge pullers collectors , so it is no wonder it did not show up in whistle collection or books about whistles.
Upon watching the  rich  literature & books about antique corkscrews
we whistle collectors,  one realizes we ( Whistle collectors )  are still way behind. ( See the weekly screw site for a list of books… and old Christie’s auctions catalogs).
A pristine condition one just popped up (Feb 2017 ) , here is the picture .
the last one was sold on eBay for over 700 GBP ( 2016) by a collector of hunting gudjets.

Unedeet , Febuary 2017 whistle museum archiveWhistle Museum,A. Strauss All rights reserved.


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  1. I am a corkscrew collector in Denver, Colorado, and a member of the ICCA. I have the 9.6 cm “Uneedit” multitool whistle with corkscrew and cigar cutter. Your article indicates there is a larger size of the “Uneedit”. What is the measurement of the that larger size?

    Thank you

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