American Penny Farthing High Wheel Bicycle Whistle

Antique 19th Century American Penny Farthing
Hi Wheel Bicycle Whistle
Antique Bicycle whistle  shaped as a pocket watch

The whistle is embossed with the image of a Hi wheel Penny Farthing Bicycle rider surrounded with a laurel wreath, and having two identical front and back sides.
It may had been made as a prize for the winner in some bike riding race competition,  made in the U.S.A c. 1870’s to early 80’s . It was found in New England and it the first and only one seen by the author so far.

The whistle has two notes ; F# and G# .  It has an interesting unique diaphragm and a smaller chamber at one side of the inside part to make the higher pitch.

Dimensions; 66mm by 45mm, by 10mm .

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  1. I bought a whistle in a market in Shanghai,China. But I can not find it’s information from internet.
    There is a butterfly mark on the whistle.
    Is there anyone can tell me something about it ?
    you can write an Email to me ,i will send you photes.
    my email:

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