Police Button Whistles, 19th Century Police Button Whistles. A. Strauss

 Police Button Whistles from the Victorian area. A.Strauss

The next police whistles include the majority of known Police Button whistles which were found, some are not included either because of poor condition or since I did not keep Pictures of. Now as I start to carefully compare button whistle construction and button makers I am making progress in identifying makers, after years of research soon to be more.

Dewsbury Button police whistle

Burnley Borough police whistle

Leeds city police Button whistle depicting 3 owls

York Castle  Button whistle.

Sunderland Police button whistle.

Bradford City Police Button whistles

A Double Chamber Button Escargot whistle, these were earlier ones probably made in the 1870s
A view of the two chambers, at times only one chamber had a pea.

Birmingham City Police Button whistle with a bubble top as shown in the 1904
J.R. Gaunt & Son catalogue. 
Birmingham Police pre 1886, this pattern with an original copper ring
for loop appears on few simmilar Buttun whistles.

Durham County Constabulary           -whistl

Coatbridge Burgh police button whistle

Staffordshire Constabulary Button Police whistle

Staffordshire police escargot – snail type whistle by J. Hudson, Acme whistles
the 1891 Patent design with  added buttons, These were made for about 40 years from mid. 1890s to mid 1930s. They show in the 1909 catalogue and in the early 1930s catalogue.
There are few variations, all made of Nickel Silver, (A Humpback top variation is an exception).
Snail shaped whistles made of German silver- Nickel Silver were usually made for the army and not for police, this is also true for TNTW.

Front view of tis added button type.

Northumberland County Police Button whistle

Newcastle police Button whistle with buttons made by Firmin.

A pair of  Newcastle Police Button whistles, note the variation in the under-strengthening construction, The left one was made by Firmin, London
and the right one by W. Dowler & Son.

Wilts Constabulary Police Button whistle, made by the same maker who made the Birmingham Police one.

Here is another well cleaned one by the same maker.

Carmarthenshire constabulary
Button whistle, It seems to be the only one from
the south of England.

Glasgow police whistle with the Moto “Let Glasgow Flourish” made by
David Black, Black & Co. c 1880s.

Other Police Button whistles encountered with and not included: Denbighshire Constabulary, Hertfordshire Police and very few more.
To Be updated & continued
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  1. I am a volunteer at Bradford Police Museum. We have recently acquired a horse drawn Black Maria. Our intension is to put Bradford Borough Police on the side of the vehicle. I notice you have a Bradford Borough Police whistle with the image we are after. Would it be possible for you to send us a photo of the side of that whistle, so that we can try and make a large transfer to put on the side of the van?

  2. Did the City of London Police carry whistles, and if so, from what date, and did all constables carry whistles?

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