British Railway Whistles.

Escargot – Referee Type, Callander and Oban Railway, brass guards whistle, stamped on the side C&OR
No.3 on other barrel side and stamped on the lip D.Black Maker Glasgow

Round Pea Whistle Type, North Eastern Railway, N.E.R, William Dowler

Two Notes Conical Whistle (TNCW) Type, Bass Ratcliff Gretton-Ltd 137 High St Burton on Trent Staffordshire.

Each one of the 4 types has few sub variations, for example The Escargot referee type can be a Button Whistle using Buttons for sides, It can be a Bakelite or Plastic made, It can be a regular one with an added plate stamped railway name,,
or of construction variation wich can help identify the actual maker.
Here are few from various collections.
Under Construction

To be continued

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