G.P.O – General Post Office Whistles Time Line in England.

By A. Strauss
Dating G.P.O Whistles.

The History of the General Post Office in Great Britain is well documented,
I shall concentrate on British Whistles used with the GPO and bring NEWS and New information and findings as to whistle’s dates and makers, previously not published,
(It is underconstruction, and an on going research ! )

I shall start with late Victorian times first, then mid Victorian.
and continue to Post Victorian and up to WWII and later up to the 1980s when they stopped the use of whistles.

The first whistles produced by J. Hudson and Co. for the General Post Office.
(Two known examples)
The E stands for East District in London and Number 27 was probably assigned to a specific Postman. The whistle is dated Late 1880s Early to mid 1890s at the latest.
And the stamp address is 131 Barr St. (No space after number means post 1888)
This early GPO whistle is extreemly rare and two numbered 131 Barr St.
are known so far. It was made 1888 – 1895 *
(Albeit it was previously thought 131 Barr St. was 1885-1888 Hudson kept using 131 Barr st. address stamp after1888 as I wrote in dating Hudson whistles in another previous article here)
Note the J.Hudson & Co. is curved and the address is under the window.
The other known one is stamped S.E 8 South East District in New Cross, London G.P.O Whistle, with the address of 131 Barr St c 1890.
(No space between the 131 and Barr st. is Post 1888)

As of writing only 2 Known Hudson & Co. GPO whistles are known ,
and as a rulle of thumb G.P.O Numbered whistles are rare;
1 Digit one known 2 Digits 1 known pre 1895 and one 2 Digits from 1902 Order
3 digits (a later 1914 series) very few known.
All these are very rare, and I am sure more may surface in the future,
Hopefully of other London Districts.
Others are 4 did its numbered in the series of 1000, 2000, 4000.
Ordered in 1915 supplied 191are all scarce.
We know that as early as 1891 Two note tube whistles by Osborne & Son
(Made by Bent & Parker) were marketed in advertisements to Rural Postman & Mail Cart Drivers;

Next we see 1888-1901 whistles,

The Metropolitan stamp Patent and J. Hudson & Co.
stamps are curved – arched.
The address has a DOT after 13 so 13. Barr St.

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