Antique Cycling Whistles – Sifflets Revisted.


Le Velo – Signal K.B Paris brevete S.G.D.G

Henri Kratz-Boussac ( K.B) created the company “Les inventions nouvelles” in 1883. In his catalogue in 1900 are many optical toys (sciopticons, kaleidoscopes etc).
He build a factory for toys in Douville-sur-Andelle in Normandy in 1905. He was also famous for his gun-toys and children cars. As you can see, except for a very few specialised makers, the whistles in France were mostly produced by toys makers or music instruments makers.

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The other Edward D. Bean Police whistle The ‘UNIQUE’ Call.

American Whistles.

Model number 426 Yje ‘UNIQUE’ call, Designed by E.D Bean, Two Chambers & stop hole, in a design which does not really fall into any standard common category because of few unusual parts. C 1900

When I discovered the 1rst Bean Police whistle it was great new,
Called by fellow collectors, The ‘Holy Grail’ of American whistle,
It was the first two note Tube type whistle, found, to predate Hudson & Co. of England, and Before I discovered the first two notes tube whistles by Stevens & Sons Model No. 27 from the 1860s .
The original patent was ‘Billy’s Club’ which made it hard to find.
It did not have the tittle call (The term used in the 19th century for professional whistles.
It did ignite the search for more & more variations which showed, still a rare whistle just about a dozen or two in collections,
I found it in Patent search and then in a Pettibone Brothers Chicago Catalog of 1901 along few other earlier catalogs, still the Pettibone Brothers showed a Model number 26 which I was not being able to find .
When a Friend asked me what it is, lately & enclosed the photos, I was glad to see Model Number 426 and that I have the answer.
Took many years to have a clear view of one, It is the 2nd I had seen,
the 2nd top right show the stamp Patent applied for.
It is certainly an unusual design and has two sound chambers.

John P. Lovell Arms Co. 147 Washington St. Boston, Mass. 1893 adv. Postcard

Pettibone Brothers Catalog page

Model 424 & 426 in the 1901 Pettibone Bros. Catalog 1901.

There were previous other earlier catalogs with model 424 (J.P. Moore and John Lovell But none with 426

Model 424 was the first one found and identified c 2006-7
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