Composition paint whistles for Ships. Marine, Naval, Nautical. A. Strauss

Three Composition Paint Antique Whistles, Left to right ; Round Pea Whistle by Alfred DeCourcy, Suter Hartman ‘Red Hand’ Escargot of outstanding design & embossed stamps By A. DeCourcy and a ‘Use Holzapfel’s by J. Hudson & Co. All very rare.
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Three German made Composition Paint Escargot shape whistles.
Under construction

Marine, Naval, Nautical, Navy whistles, Professional whistles
is a huge subject in itself, small none Bosun – Boatswain’s call,
Speaking tube whistles and large steam whistle and more.
Here are some Compostion paint whistles.

Short Forward
A short forward is called for in regards with some terms connected to this
very specific subject of Naval Interest. mostly ESCARGOT type whistles.
German, British , France, USA.
It is an original relatively small theme – sub-category which I would like to put a spotlight on, hopefully I would find out others.

Composition Paint was in used in the later 19th Century to
earlier part of 20th century. The term changed to Anti-Fouling Paints.
wikipedia Anti-fouling paint
Iron Ships Ironclad Warship Maritime Museum

The Companies of Compostion paint were thriving towards the late 19th century, The whistles they ordered and used were all Escargot – Snail shaped -referee – type whistles, ordered with their LOGO Company’s name and / or paint trade mark name. These were used as advertisement and by workers.
(One found exeption is a De Courcy made Round Pea Whistle For a British Paint.
Most were ORDERED by German Companies some naturally from German Makers , Some German companies ordered some whistles from British whistles makers.
There are just about 12 whistles known to me as of now.
Hopefully others will surface. Whistles made in Germany, England, U.S.A
A example for a French company was ordered from Acme whistles Ltd.
after mid 1920s.

I shall take a look at 6 German ones :

1) Stern Composition logo. The F.A.C Van Der Linder & Co. HAMBURG, Stern composition Paint by Heinrich Zimmerman Leipzig, 1890s early 1900 is of speciaal importance, since it is one of the first to be seen with this Interlocking Teeth
2) Holzapfel Composition paint Propeler Logo
3) Von Hoverling Compostion Paint (Est. 1879)

A closer look at Number one Stern, – Star Logo, Made By Heinrich Zimmerman
C. 1900 Reveals it has 4 Interlocking teeth, Known as Dove-tail or Nut feather in wood working.
3 Teeth to side and one to the beak on each side,
This is important since it appeared over a decade before this type of construction was used by Gotham Metal work, an American Company.
And was unattributed until i discovered this few years back.

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Three more German made Escargot type whistles for Composition paint:
4) Th.  Höeg Patent, Hamburg
5) Hansa Farben Fabrik with X shape trade mark to side (Based in Kiel)
6) Rhatjen’s Shiffs boden with Red Hand Logo Trade Mark – Shutz marke
(See whistle’s photos on original advertisemnt)

Number 4 Front Stamp

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Antique Single Note Conical Whistles S.N.C.W 18th to Early 20th Century Time line. A. Strauss

Under construction spotlight on antique Single Note Conical whistles

19th Century Single Note Conical Whistle with a Pea, Brass top & Wooden whistle.

whistle gallery photos of antique whistles
L; 61.33 mm
Single Note Conical Whistle is a Term I made up many years back to describe the shape & sound of these whistles, I use the abbreviation S.N.C or S.N.C.W
These were previously referred to as Beaufort whistles but they are certainly not, The term Beaufort was given much later to cased whistles ordered at Joseph Hudson & Co. by Lord Beaufort C. 1880s, who favored Cased TWO NOTES CONICAL WHISTLES. (TNC)
The SNC whistle has long history and upon this mix material one arriving lately I arbitrarily chose some examples from archive under this shape.
One of the distinct features of the Single Note Conical Whistles is that
they use a BEAK TYPE Mouthpiece (Mostly) which Beaufort whistles lack.
It is important since many collectors refer to Cased Single Note Conical whistles
as “Cased Beaufort”.
I arranged some in a general time line.
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