Antique Single Note Conical Whistles S.N.C.W 18th to Early 20th Century Time line. A. Strauss

Under construction spotlight on antique Single Note Conical whistles

19th Century Single Note Conical Whistle with a Pea, Brass top & Wooden whistle.

whistle gallery photos of antique whistles
L; 61.33 mm
Single Note Conical Whistle is a Term I made up many years back to describe the shape & sound of these whistles, I use the abbreviation S.N.C or S.N.C.W
These were previously referred to as Beaufort whistles but they are certainly not, The term Beaufort was given much later to cased whistles ordered at Joseph Hudson & Co. by Lord Beaufort C. 1880s, who favored Cased TWO NOTES CONICAL WHISTLES. (TNC)
The SNC whistle has long history and upon this mix material one arriving lately I arbitrarily chose some examples from archive under this shape.
One of the distinct features of the Single Note Conical Whistles is that
they use a BEAK TYPE Mouthpiece (Mostly) which Beaufort whistles lack.
It is important since many collectors refer to Cased Single Note Conical whistles
as “Cased Beaufort”.
I arranged some in a general time line.

Samuel Pemberton 1895 Silver Hall Marked S.N.C Whistle
This type of top was used mostly with rattles Teethers & whistle combinations by Silversmiths since pre mid 18th cent up to end of Georgian Period.

Early Cast Brass or Bronze Georgian to Early Victorian SNC whistles.

The Earlier Cased Single Note Conical Whistles, cased S.N.C were made by Silversmiths
for Military man in 1780s up to late 1820s.
This Example is A George IV silver Regimental Officers Whistle and Sheath, made for the Rifle Brigade, with attached suspensory ring and engraved bands to the sheath.
Made By Isaac Hebberd.
Later the casing Changed style to a larger heavier one starting 1830
But the subject and timeline of the Cased S.NC (Named Beaufort by many collectors who refer to all conical whistles as Beaufort)
The cased S.N.C whistles and Cased Two Notes Conical Whistles is a Very Large subject
which deserves a longer article (In dew time) But in General the post 1830s “Cased Beaufort” – cased Single Note conical whistles differ in construction; The classic cased SNC comes with a Steel spring and is constructed of 11 parts (Albeit it has a simple look) and the Two Notes Conical is made of 4 Parts.
C. Parker & Dowler early 1850s to 1890s Single note Conical Whistles
J. Hudson (Pre Co.) late 1870s at St. Marks St. Birmingham
The Officer Whistle by B. Lilly & Son or H. A Ward on right and DeCourcy 1912 North British Railway.

42 X 22 mm French Single Note Conical Whistle from a Chatelaine
Alfred DeCourcy Single Note Conical Whistle and its Case.

1888 Sterling Silver Whistle By David & Lionel Spiers
7 British Sterling Silver Georgian & Victorian Single Note Conical whistles
(S.N.C. whistles Type) Dated 1810 – 1890
A. Strauss Articles about Antique whistles

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