Jewish Silver Pocket Whistle for Purim.

Antique Judaica (Yodaica) Silver Whistle for ‘Purim

A Russian Silver Pocket escargot – snail shaped whistle.
It has Russian made 1880s to early 1900 , silver hallmarks of 84 silver.
It has etchings and stamps on four sides.
I was made by a Jewish Silversmith and it is a religious article.
The Purim fest is corresponding to the Haloween in christian culture.
Traditionaly costumes and noisemakers as Rattles and whistles
are used on this holiday.

On the front of the beak facing window it reads:
Purim in Hebrew letters – פורים

Two Fish represent the ancient sign of Pisces in the Zodiac
Month of Adar – אדר etched on the other side.

Adar (Hebrew: אֲדָר ʾAdār; from Akkadian adaru) is the sixth month of the civil year and the twelfth month of the religious year on the Hebrew calendar, roughly corresponding to the month of March in the Gregorian calendar.
Russian Silver Hallmarks, the stamp on left and mid one are stamped upside down , More on Russian Silver Stamps is at work.
We thank whistlecollectionfor (Stamp Master) help in research the hallmark.

5th Century Mosaic depicting the Zodiac wheel found in the Synagogue
Beth Alpha Synagogue archeological site, Israel
יודאיקה, משרוקית כסף עתיקה לחג פורים, מזל דגים אוסף שטראוס
Here are two Silver Jewish whistles, The larger Jewish Police on the left
was discussed here in a privious post. Both seem to share te same side outline design.

Side view shows the similar construction
Searching for another I came across this magnifiscent one, it seems more elaborate and
still the frame and the words ARUR HAMAN use the same dotted pattern technique.
Here is a 19th Century Poland or Russia silver whistle and Rattle
In the Israel Museum This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Jewish-Rattle-and-whistle-Poland-or-Russia-Israel-Museum.jpg

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Antique Whistle Museum, Ancien Sifflet Museum

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