James Dixon & Sons Other Rare Whistles, Models & Designs. Part.II.c. Avner Strauss

This is the last part about James Dixon & Sons Whistles and History
in 9 parts. (See links to all 9 parts at bottom).
I started the article with  Two Note Tube whistle (TNT) the one commonly identified with police whistles and invented by Porteous for Stevens & Sons,
It was only in 2006 that I discovered the first one.
There are two known examples of this whistle,
Here is a Drawing of model # 55 in Dixon’s catalogue of 1895. The whistle was made before that, and was described as a railway whistle.

Length; 87.73mm Body diameter, tube c. 16.7mm
Pitch, two notes a half step apart. C# & D.
weight; 50 gr.

The loop side to side measures 17mm. (slightly wider than tube)
The top of the loop is extra wide; 9.4mm

Model #44 is a Conical (Railway whistle category) with a a dog call at one end.
Note the Sheffield Window design.
This model was made with ball “finial” and ring finial for chain.
Crimp rings were placed in different points.
The same model was made in two screw parts as well .
Supplied by Thornhill, London.

Model #44, a stamped one


Model # 54
as made with a HORN , meaning a reed whistle at one end and a screw which enebeled taking the cover of one part off in order to replace reed if needed.
A drawing  of Models #44 and #54 as seen in the 1883 catalogue.

Model #54 a bicycle horn whistle combined with a dog call whistle,
This design was not merely two whistles put together but a special design having two arched windows at one end of the whistle. L; 120mm

Model #52 was one of Dixon Highest priced whistles, in fact it was listed at the same price as #43 which was a two notes conical (Beaufort) whistle with Ivory mouthpiece. I would think this high price reflected the whistle ball made of one piece. It is one which is known among collectors as “Swiss Railway Style Bosun”  whistle a short Bosun Pipe or as described in catalogue: “A Boatswain’s call ball pattern”.

It was only in 2017 that I discovered Dixon made Escargot type, snail whistle.
An image would be uploaded in the future with some more whistle examples.

To be updated.
Thornhill, Whistler, Wilkinson & Sons, Swaine & Co. Merry Parker & Merry,
Priest Oxford St., F. Sykes, J. Patstone Southampton.

*Some of the parts still need refining and additional photos which I hope to update. Thanks for comments.

James Dixon & Sons Whistles & History In the 19th Century. A. Strauss
The full article is in 9 sub-parts. 
Part I (6 chapters)

1) Brief History and data (19th Century)

2) Early Period Round Whistles and ‘The sheffield Mouthpiece & Fipple’ I. a.,
3) Round Ivory & Horn I.b.
4) Animal Head Whistles, I.c.

5) Round Brass & German Silver Whistles. Signal Whistles and ‘Pig nose’ Whistles
6) Round Britannia Metal Whistles & Model #49. Part I.e.
Part 2,   More whistles by Dixon & Sons, including
7) Beauforts,
8) Extractors, combination whistles, Shooting Gudgets and other combination whistles. II. .b
9) James Dixon & Sons Other Rare Whistle Models & Designs. II.c. 

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